The Equalizer by Carlson (w CD)



The Equalizer is the result of 25 years of research, development and quality control. The Equalizer design is taken directly from the calls which we hand craft and which have been used internationally for over 35 years by serious waterfowlers and top guides.

The Equalizer duck call and accompanying CD, The Carlson Compact Calling Course©, really can make a difference in your duck calling effectiveness! With theEqualizer you can find out what world class callers have known for years; that a truly functional waterfowl call, like any other instrument, must be able to do specific things in a consistent manner, and it must be operated correctly or you can’t expect it to produce the sounds you want to make.

Finally…a true World Champion design in an affordable call! Do not be misled by the price of this call…it will stand up to any high dollar acrylic duck call out there of comparable volume. The Equalizer produces 95-96dB which we consider General Application volume. Good for most hunting situations.

The Carlson Compact Calling Course© CD will be a revelation in helping you to achieve your goal of becoming a better call operator.


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