Carlson VoloChoke (w CD)



The VoloChoke, like the Equalizer, is the result of 25 years of research, development and quality control. The VoloChoke design is taken directly from the calls which we hand craft and which have been used internationally for over 45 years by serious waterfowlers,  top guides and champion callers.

The VoloChoke comes with 4 interchangeable choke tubes that will produce 4 very distinct calling volumes, allowing you to now match your calling volume to the environment in which you’re hunting. All with the same call! From the smallest timber-lined pothole, to the wide open expanses of large bodies of water, to the stages of world class calling contests, the VoloChoke will work for you.  This call design was the call used to win the 1996 World Champion and 1997 Winchester World Open Champion.

The standard VoloChoke comes with the CD, Mastering Your VoloChoke© . This CD will cover the care of your call as well as provide you with 3 optional approaches to the operation of your VoloChoke.


Carlson Championship Calls