Prostaff Application Guidelines

G&H Decoys takes pride in supporting today’s outdoorsmen and guides. We know that we offer the best decoy on today’s market to create a long lasting relationship with those who are looking to put quality decoys in their spread.

While out in the public or guiding, your clients are looking to you for your experience, tips and advice about the gear you use for a successful hunt.

G&H has created a Prostaff/Guide program to help you put a nationally known decoy on the ground or in the water while we familiarize you, your clients and the public on our products.

We have put together a few guidelines and rules for you to follow which will help create a long lasting relationship that will be beneficial to you and G&H Decoys.

Guide Program Requirements and Limitations

To enroll in our Guide/Prostaff Program, you will need to provide proof of one or more of the following:

  1. Association with an Official Guide Service (license)
  2. Association with a Hunting Club
  3. Website/Promotional Materials
  4. Hunting Shows, Calling Contests or Fund Raising Events

There are a limited number of slots available each year and it is the goal of G&H to find the best hunters/guides for our team. The more information you can provide on how you can help promote our company, the more you increase your chances on becoming a member of our team.

If approved as one of our guides or prostaff team members you are agreeing to the following:

As a guide/prostaff member, you will submit at least 4 photos representing G&H Decoys in a 12 month period. Once photos have been received, they become the property of G&H Decoys to use for promotion purposes.

You will be required to show us how your are positiviely representing G&H by submitting at least 3 written reports each year before the end of your yearly contract.

You will connect with us through social media and use this media to promote G&H Decoys in a positive way.

You will use the G&H logo on your website/social media and events that you attend (via banners, decals, etc) as well as on trucks/trailers. This is to be done only in a way that reflects G&H Decoys in a positive light.

Product knowledge is an important tool in representing G&H. All our products are available online. It will be your responsibility to learn our product line and how to use them effectively.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 1-800-443-3269 or the Prostaff coordinator.

We want you to promote G&H Decoys to clients, hunters and potential dealers. When talking to potential dealers we ask that you direct interested parties to G&H at 1-800-443-3269 and ask to talk to one of our trained sales team members.

G&H Decoys reserves the right to refuse participation to any applicant. G&H Decoys retains the right to amend or add/delete these publications at any time. All applications will be reviewed each year, as well as all existing team members.

Official Code of Conduct and Standards will be emailed to you once you have been approved as a member of our team. Violations of these rules will result in termination from this program.